As a licensed therapist all communications with my clients are confidential and protected. Information pertaining to our work together will only be released to others with your written permission, or under the circumstances whereby I am required to do so by law. I am legally obligated to breach your confidentiality and take protective actions in order to protect others from harm. These circumstances include:

  1. If I have information that indicates the abuse of a child, elderly or disabled person.
  2. If a client is an imminent risk to him/herself or makes threats of imminent violence against another person.

In any of the above circumstances I will always, to the best of my ability make every effort to discuss my intention to take action with you.

Privacy Act

Your case notes (taken at each session) are kept in a locked, secure filling cabinet or are on my person. By law you are able to request access to your case notes.

Commitment and cancellation policy

Please note that your appointment time is a commitment made by both you and myself. When you book a session time with me I anticipate that we both fully commit to this time.

I require 24 HOURS NOTICE OF ALL CANCELLATIONS. Without this notice the scheduled fee will be charged for the missed session.

If I need to cancel your appointment time with me and do not give you 24 HRS NOTICE, you will receive a free session time from me.

Equally important is arriving on time, as it is yourself you will ultimately be letting down.It is not always possible to add on 10mins to the end of a session. Full scheduled fees are charged for part sessions.
The best way to cancel or move your session time is by contacting me on M 044 7044 180.

Completion of work

Closure is an important stage in the therapeutic process. Supporting the client in the closure process is just as important as supporting them in opening to and developing the therapeutic relationship. Therefore it is important to give as much notice as possible of the intention to complete/close your work with me. This enables me to plan a productive and complete closing session, giving the best possible opportunity for you to leave your work with me well.

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Drugs and Alcohol

If using recreational drugs or alcohol it is important to make your individual session, group or workshop time, drug and alcohol free. If coming to any session under the influence of drugs or alcohol I will conduct a verbal session only. No body work will be done in this session.

It is important to receive accurate information in regards to all drug usage; this includes prescribed medications as well as recreational drugs and alcohol.

Payment of sessions

Counselling/Psychotherapy sessions can be scheduled on an ongoing weekly or bi-weekly basis. The duration of a session is generally 60 or 90 minutes. Relationship Therapy sessions are either 90 or 120 minutes.

Payment is due at the time of the session by cheque, cash, money order or direct debit/Pay Pal into my account (details upon request).


Call Jacquie for further information.

Ph: 0447044180



Code of Ethics