Radix Psychotherapy for the Adelaide Hills


Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy

Jacquie Cliff bases her practice largely on Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy

Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy facilitates awareness for change, growth, healing and connection with self and others. These therapeutic processes bridge the physical, psychological and spiritual and integrate thinking, feeling and willing/behaviour.

Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy is an energetic process of powerful personal development. Radix is a unique approach to psychotherapy. It makes use of verbal therapy, vision, breath, sound, movement and touch, assisting you to fully engage with life.

This approach takes the counselling process to a deeper level exploring patterns of behaviour, childhood upbringing and past experiences that are impacting on the current situation.

Radix is particularly useful when there is a physical or emotional component to the issue (e.g., depression, anxiety, anger), or when a cognitive approach has been insufficient.

Counselling and Radix Psychotherapy work powerfully with issues such as:


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