Radix groups

Radix groups

Radix groups offer a supportive group environment

Radix groups enable participants to deepen their experience of themselves, and themselves in relation to others, within the safety of an ongoing intimate environment.

As the commitment, understanding and trust grow, Radix groups become an arena for an incredibly rich, deep process to unfold, in a safe and loving space held by the facilitator. Participants have the opportunity to work in pairs as well as in the larger group setting. Self disclosure is at the discretion of each individual, and confidentiality is addressed to allow for a safe, trusting and supportive environment.

As with one day workshops groups can have a theme e.g,. grounding, assertiveness, boundaries or they can simply flow with the ongoing, unfolding processes of the participants.

Groups run for set periods of time (minimum usually 3 months) and can be re-negotiated in line with participant needs. They are generally run fortnightly in the evening however, daytime groups can be arranged. Numbers are limited to either 4, 6 or 8 participants.

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