Radix training

The Radix Training Programme is a course for psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and other allied health professionals who wish to extend their professional experience to incorporate the role of the body and emotions into psychotherapy.

Radix training focus

The Radix Training Programme is designed to give its trainees a very comprehensive education in the theory and practice of Radix Body Centered Psychotherapy, the relationship of Radix to other somatic therapies and its place in clinical practice.


Once accepted formal training takes approximately 2½ to 3 years. In that time the trainee must complete the following:

Personal work in Radix

Individual setting: 150 hours. Private sessions focused on the trainee’s personal process.
Group setting: 20 hours approximately.

Most trainees complete well in excess of this as they have accumulated hours before entering training and must continue throughout the training regardless of the hours completed.

Theoretical and conceptual Radix work

Case report writing: 100 hours
Conceptual learning: 500 hours. This involves studying monthly packets of written material, reading prescribed readings, answering study questions, keeping a technical and personal notebook as well as sessions in training workshops which are not personal work or supervision or clinical practice.
Assignments and exams: 56 hours. This does not include revision time.

Practice teaching
Clinical practice: 200 hours
Auditing workshops led by trained practitioners: 48 hours
Supervision: Individual (1 to 1),  55 hours; Trainee group setting, 160 hours

Outside work

30 hours. Each trainee, at the commencement of training, presents a program of outside work to be undertaken that supports their personal growth and professional development. (e.g., Massage, Transactional Analysis [T.A.], Feldenkrais, Gestalt, Psychodrama, NLP etc). It does not substitute for any of the above but supplements the Radix work.

Minimum total hours

1500 hours (approx)
The Radix Training Program alone is challenging. It is a big commitment of time, money and energy and is mentally and emotionally demanding. It fully tests trainees. The standard and commitment required is high.

In Australia there are currently 10 fully qualified and registered Radix Teachers.

Radix originated in the USA, founded in 1971. It has continued to be refined and developed since then. There are currently 350 (approx.) practitioners worldwide.

To connect with the Australian Radix Training Centre website click go to: www.radixtraining.com.au

To connect with the Australian Radix website click go to:  www.radixaustralia.com.au

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