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Offering therapeutic services in the Adelaide Hills

I am a practising counsellor and psychotherapist offering  therapeutic services in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. My approach is eclectic and incorporates Somatic Psychotherapy (see Psychotherapy) with a broad range of counselling models (see Counselling). My extensive training in a wide range of modalities allows me to apply many different therapeutic techniques to each individual client and their presenting concerns, as no two people or issues are alike. I welcome a multidisciplinary approach and willingly consult with other practitioners.

The counselling process

The counselling process can take many forms depending on the client and their specific issues.
However, there is a general counselling process.

1. Background information taking

2. Identification of core issues

3. Case formulation

4. Goal setting for the therapeutic process

5. Implementation of interventions

6. Evaluation of interventions

7. Closure

The psychotherapy process

Psychotherapy takes the counselling process into a deeper realm that can explore patterns of behaviour, childhood and past experiences that impact on the current situation.

Interview Jacquie

An important part of the first and subsequent sessions is how you feel about your therapist. Starting out with a therapist is not to be taken lightly. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship itself is far more pertinent to the success of therapy than the modality the therapist chooses to use. Therefore it is ok, and important that you interview me also, and ask as many questions as you like.

Some areas to consider in choosing a therapist are:

• Personality
• Training
• Experience
• Approach to therapy
• Beliefs
• Values

By interviewing your potential therapist you begin your relationship consciously and positively, bringing your own intelligence to the process, and trusting your own decision making capabilities.

Length of counselling/psychotherapy

Change doesn’t happen quickly for most of us. The length of the counselling/psychotherapy process depends on a number of variables; the severity of the issue/s presented the type and complexity of the issue/s and the motivation of the client.

The more focussed and limited the issue e.g. “I am unsure of which career path to take and wish to talk it over with someone”, the shorter the counselling/psychotherapy process may be. The healing of emotional injuries for instance is likely to take a longer period of time.

Counselling, psychotherapy, drugs and alcohol

If using recreational drugs or alcohol it is important to make your individual session, group or workshop time, drug and alcohol free. If coming to any session under the influence of drugs or alcohol I will conduct a verbal session only. No body work will be done in this session. It is important to receive accurate information in regards to all drug usage; this includes prescribed medications as well as recreational drugs and alcohol.


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