Therapeutic massage


Jacquie Cliff offers individually tailored therapeutic massage sessions at her Littlehampton rooms.

Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions, used by many cultures throughout the ages for its therapeutic properties. 21st Century lifestyles make it even more relevant today. Long periods sitting at computers or in cars, and meeting the demands of busy work and family lives can lead to physical tension, posture and alignment problems.

Take a little time out to experience the benefits of massage


As well as her certifications in Radix Psychotherapy and Counselling, Jacquie is a qualified masseur with over 10 years experience. She brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of the body’s holding patterns and tensions to your massage session. Sessions are tailored to your specific therapeutic needs, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


1/2 hour massage $30
1 hour massage $60

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Ph: 0447044180