Relationship and marriage counselling in Adelaide


Jacquie establishes a safe environment for couples to explore difficulties they may be having, via relationship and marriage counselling.

Her training in Imago Relationship Therapy is used in this area of her practice. Learning Imago communication skills creates deeper understanding and connection within the relationship. When there is conflict in a relationship, growth is trying to happen! We all want loving connection, trust, intimacy and to be seen and heard in our relationships.

In therapy, couples learn to communicate with their partner’s in new ways, discover the core issues that create conflict in their relationship, and gain effective methods and tools to grow out of their conflicts. The Imago process creates the possibility for couples to transform their relationship into a connected, loving, respectful vessel in which they can both live, love, laugh and grow.

Relationship counselling can lead to greater awareness of self and of each other, clearer communication, and easier problem solving. Some couples are able to use what they learn in counselling to improve their relationship. Others may find through counselling that they want to separate. Where this happens, the aim generally is to assist the couple to do so with awareness and as amicably as possible.

Jacquie works with couples at all stages of their relationship, same sex couples, blended families and parents struggling to communicate and have a connected relationship with their children.

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