Deanne’s testimonial

“I was attracted to RADIX through my basic understanding and fascination with the mind/emotion/body connection and my desire to further my personal growth. I was also feeling very challenged by certain aspects of my life and Jacquie Cliff was recommended to me by a business acquaintance.

As part of Jacquie’s RADIX group I have reaped the benefits of regular and ongoing individual sessions, group sessions and workshops. Not only have I deepened my understanding of myself through my RADIX work; with the support of Jacquie I have used this new knowledge to ‘step up’ and challenge myself, where fear had previously blocked me from going. Where I have barely coped in the past I am now beginning to thrive! The non-judgemental group environment has offered a powerful dynamic, where a remarkable level of trust and support has facilitated me to gain even greater insight into myself and others.

With a new business to run, two young children to raise and no nearby family support, I have at times been overwhelmed with the responsibility of my situation and felt ‘stuck’ or powerless as to how to handle different aspects of my busy life. Before RADIX, I was finding it difficult to navigate the pressures I faced. Jacquie has assisted me to access the self discipline required to both manage and feel satisfied in my roles as mother and business owner. I have learnt to better contain my emotions without repressing them, and to add structure to my life so life’s demands are much more manageable.

Jacquie is an intuitive, knowledgeable and compassionate therapist, who I have seen bring out the best in myself and others. I highly recommend her to assist you in your personal growth work and to gain clarity for setting and achieving personal goals.”
Deanne, Adelaide Hills

Jeanette’s testimonial

“Radix wakes up your body, connects you to your feelings and brings greater awareness and clarity to life. A journey with many rewards along the way— one well worth taking! Jacquie is the perfect person to be guiding, supporting, listening, noticing, challenging and engaging you and the group throughout the weekend workshop process. The Radix experiential processes are conducted in the safety of a small group. The accomodation in a beautiful rustic stone country retreat is so welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. And the food is amazing! Gourmet vegetarian; healthy and delicious.”
Jeanette, Adelaide Hills

Sue’s testimonial

“Radix is like an exfoliation—shedding layers of stress and anxiety by verbalising thoughts and ideas, supported by physical communication between the therapist and yourself. The most surprising thing about Radix is how powerful physical expression can be in the healing process. Jacquie is patient, encouraging, and empathetic but she doesn’t do it all for you – she is skilled at drawing out and honing in on the core issues and then teasing out and strengthening the skills you have to manage them.

The environment of both the one-on-one Radix sessions and the workshops is comfortable, safe and supportive. The workshops are invaluable in allowing you to recognise issues in yourself that others share, and to build healing bonds with people that can move your healing further along in a powerful and cathartic way.

The workshop environment is unique and so appropriate. It provides social interaction with communal dining and free time, but with opportunities to spend time alone— in a beautiful location—if that’s what you need.”
Sue, Adelaide

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